The Way to Neutopia

Crop Circles
and World War III

Saving Our Roots

Think Like a Planet

What Happened to Humankind?

Emotional Holocaust

Gateway Butterfly

World Yoga Day

Justice in Our Hands

Linking to the Outside World

Columbus Day

Spiritual Partnerships
and the Hive

Unity Poetry
Mexican-American Border


Total War or Total Disarmament?

Hubble Deep Field

Refuse Allegiance

A Plea for Help

Whole New World

What Will it Be?

The Voice of Liberty

The Darkness of Delight

Earth's Shadow

All for Arcology

Yes We Can and
No We Can Not

A Good Day for the
Death of Civilization

The Genius Bar

The Healing Wheel

Cave of Sacred Activism

Manifesting Poetic Vision


Haiti and Earthquake Relief

The Light of Howard Zinn

Mautopia 2010

The Only True Knowledge

Immaculate Conception and the UFO





Human Extinction or Lovolution?