Justice in Our Hands



Self-righteous Americans, you have really done it now!
There is no excuse this time that Bush stole the election
because you have now elected an international war criminal,
domestic death penalty murderer to govern
the most nuclear-armed nation on Earth.

Even after Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11and
other excellent documentaries clearly exposing his lies--
there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,
no connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida,
no one in Iraq buying uranium from Niger.

Bush manipulated and deliberately misused
National Security Intelligence data to justify
going to war in Iraq; under the Constitutions’
impeachment clause this is a high crime.

You elected him anyway, a man who wouldn’t
listen to chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix
who noted before the invasion started, Iraq was providing
inspectors with proactive cooperation of their weapons sites.

As millions of peace activists took to the streets
in hopes of stopping the war from occurring,
Bush defied the UN Security Council
by his pre-emptive strike against Iraq.

Even after the story finally broke about sexual torture
being inflicted on Iraqis by American soldiers in Abu Ghraib
violating the Geneva convention’s treatment of prisoners of war,
and having immobilized the UN convention
against torture in order to keep foreign observers
out of its prison camp in Guantanamo Bay.

Even after forged documents showed privileged
George W. Bush avoided National Guard Duty all the while
he was defending troops being sent to the war in Vietnam.

Even after the story about the Qaqaa facility
came out days before the election,
380 metric tons of high melting point explosives
used to make missile warheads, detonate nuclear weapons,
and demolish buildings were missing under US command.

Even after it was reveal that during
Operation Shock and Awe
the National Museum of Iraq, which housed
cultural treasures of the fertile plains of Mesopotamia—
the history of civilization for 7,000 years
was looted as the museum’s director pleaded with marines
to bring a tank to the museum to secure one of the most
valuable collection of artifacts in the Middle East.

Unless, of course, the electronic voting machines were rigged.
For what? Iraq estimates that its oil fields
could yield as high as 220 billion barrels.

Bush remains the undeclared emperor of the free world,
but there is nothing free about the new imperial hegemony.
Basic survival needs have a high price as the price
for oil climbs and climbs on the piles of dead youth in Iraq.
100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq and Bush continues war cries
in the Middle East and does nothing to promote the use
and development of solar energy under the desert skies.

He is the opposite of a peacemaker
with the button on annihilation in his black brief case.
He’s cleared the way for drilling in the protected Arctic refuge,
giving the green light for radioactive wastes to move along
US rails and highways to the Yucca Mountain Depository Site.

Building a new generation of mini-nukes, he is ready
to breach the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
He has disregarded more UN conventions
than the rest of the world has in 20 years.

Evildoer pointing the finger at his axis of Evil
for seeking to become nuclear powers, he has made
the United States of America the premier rogue nation,
refusing to sign the global warming protocol, unconcerned
about the welfare of the coral reefs around the world.
He’s a gangster capitalist, making money on his war crimes,
refusing US participation in the International Criminal Court.
For another four years this man is commander in chief
of death squads, stealth bombers, and depleted uranium bullets.

Americans, have you forgotten how to put two and two together?
The evidence was in front of you, but you voted for the fraudster.
What was your problem that you voted for George Bush?
Not taught in school how to critically think or were you
brainwashed by thousands of hours of commercial TV?
It’s not like you don’t have basic skills to draw
the dots together; its that you lack common sense
that you learn as you build moral character.

Oh corporate America,
Germans voted Hitler into office and Hitler never
imagined having the media and military power
that George W. Bush has maneuvered
for his greedy friends who are making billions
of dollars off research and developing the
Ballistic Missile Defense System—Star Wars—
to “protect” the American Homeland.
There is no deterrent to nuclear terrorism except
by nuclear disarmament but the policies of Bush
escalate the problem of nuclear have and have-nots.

What has happened to the soul of Americans?
Are we on the verge of extinction or lovolution?
Oh please dearest Goddess, do something to
help me enlighten the masses about the follies
of a killer in office who has no humility,
a destroyer who has few allies abroad,
a swindler who surrounds himself with stupid people
who are willing to lie for him and cheat folks
out of social security and health care for all.
He is a phoney whose political campaign was steeped in fear.

Other divine beings, somewhere in the expanding Kosmos,
if only you could show us the way of kindness and love.
Bring us back to our essence. Reveal to us a blueprint of
futuristic cities that live in peace with Planet Earth.

Perhaps it is silly for me to appeal to you,
but when the soul of a people becomes corrupt,
allowing their natural resources to spoil,
privatizing water so that the few can
become rich as the poor thirst to death, when
corporate profits are more important than public health,
when a nation’s people are vastly overweight as they
slaughter millions of innocent chickens, pigs, cows, and sheep,
who destroy acres and acres of farmland a minute
to build strip malls of the American Dream.
I’m bombarded with ignorance
trying to suck me into a Wal-mart black hole.

In American cities
we can’t see the stars in the heaven.
Darkness needed to see the night sky
has been polluted with street lights, car lights, neon signs,
because of the dread of darkness, scared of crime,
frighten of terrorism, afraid to look at the shadow side,
terrified of the dark matter that makes up the universe,
fearing to look at the emptiness within our own hearts.

Here in America,
our connection with the Kosmos has been lost,
even though it still exists outside the city smog.
We are a people without a vision,
a people drowning in radioactive decay, a people
in need of healing to rediscover our free and loving being.

How obvious it is now,
voting doesn’t cause a regime change!

Maybe the movement to impeach George W. Bush
will become stronger, driving conscious citizens in the streets—
the 90% of voters who voted against him in Washington, DC
will surround the White House calling him to be taken
into international custody and to appear in front of the
International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

The thug behind bars,
what else could restore global sanity and justice
the true foundations of a new world?


Human Extinction or Lovolution?