Gaia Ritual--- Gaia Sapiens

Gaia Ritual Booklet


Conducted by Doctress Neutopia
GreenFire Bookstore, Tucson, AZ
February 28, 2004

As a woman I have no country.
As a woman my country is the whole world.
Virginia Woolf

What we have learned is like a handful of earth;
What we have yet to learn is like the whole earth.


Gaia Ritual

Sacred Arcology Visualization

Mitochondrial Eve Meditation

Saving Plant and Animal Life on Earth


Needed for the ritual:
two flags, an Earth Flag and a US Flag, scissors, and a shovel.

What is Gaia Hypothesis?

Gaian scientists describe the Gaia Hypothesis as global nervous system, a planetary-level phenomenon of atmospheric and temperature regulation. This regulation occurs through interaction of atmospheric gases, surface rocks, water, and the sun with the life-cycle and evolution of living organisms. Geophysiology (the study of the intimate link between biology and ecology on the planetary surface) studies the Earth as a network of species covering the planet's surface incessantly creating new organisms and environments. Gaia is a huge collection of interacting ecosystems that transcends all individual organisms.

The sum of the parts of Gaia makes us whole, a holy Earth, our sacred home in the Cosmos. Even though some Gaia scientists insist that Gaia is mere science and has no spiritual basis or consciousness, there is a miraculous feeling as we look at our home planet from Outer Space. The more one becomes enlightened to the magnanimous recycling of matters and gases that make Gaia regulate our temperature, the more we can have reverence for it. In a real way, it becomes a deity; we were made in its image through the interdependence of all the parts. Saying that Gaia has a psychic component to its majesty, and a consciousness that we, as humans, cannot fully grasp, doesn't mean that we--Gaia worshippers—are anti-science. We honor science as a way of discovering more about the mystery of the Earth around us, within us, forever grateful for the breath we were given through its grace.


We live at a time between paradigms. The dying paradigm holds on to a dead universe. The materialist-scientific worldview has divided the world between sacred and secular space. Such a worldview has created a world of nation-states and empires, a world where men rule over women, exploiting plants, animals, and the earth to create their own separate wealth. Such a worldview has created a culture of toxic and psychic wastes, ugly urban sprawl, massive species extinction, and a society split between the rich and the poor.

The symbol that best represents this worldview is a national flag; it has become an icon of civic religion. It doesn't matter which national flag since all of the national flags of the world need to pass on. The concept of nation-state must be transformed into pledging our allegiance to the entire planet. Such a transmutation evolves us from our Homo sapiens phase of existence to thinking in terms of ourselves as Gaia sapiens, a term used to describe our interdependence to the living Earth. Thus, the goal of this Gaia Ritual is to wipe out the symbol causing us to hold on to a dead-end past that is stopping us from being able to solve our critical problems using a whole-systems approach to a changing world.

The image of Planet Earth seen from Outer Space altered our perception of home. It showed us that our biosphere is one. No national borders could be seen from Outer Space. These artificial borders are man-made. In order to free ourselves from the non-natural borders that have caused countless wars and conflicts, we need to liberate ourselves from the symbols of tyranny by realigning ourselves with the sacredness and mystery of the Cosmos.

In times of revolution, artists become iconoclastic. Since we live in a violent, terrorist culture that has manufactured thousands of nuclear weapons, a violent revolution is not what the planet is calling for. A revolution within, a spiritual revolution, what I call a lovolution , is what the planet is calling for. To love truth enough to tear down the symbol of our slavery and embrace the truth of our holistic experience will lead us into a Gaian paradigm that builds an economy of shared resources administered by a global wisdom culture and a Gaian government.

Giving birth to this paradigm is like cutting a hole in the flags of oppression and making a quantum leap of consciousness through the gap in order to experience the unitive oneness of being part of a Superorganism. Nationalism has put firewalls around our minds; removing the firewall of nationalism will allow the global brain to be greatly enhanced by our communication technologies as we enact planetary citizenship. Allowed to flow together, the pieces of this emerging model can find their place on the genius code of Gaia. A genius code is the spiritual dimension of our genetic code. It is the seed of our personal creative expression yearning to come into form in the world.

Placing one's reverence in the heart of Gaia liberates our imaginations to construct galactic, organic gardens within arcologies-the fusion of architecture and ecology-- both on Earth and in Outer Space that have the creative potential to be far greater and wiser than anything imaginable at this time. Our first step is to step through the hole in the American flag, the ultimate symbol of world conquest and domination, and enter a new dimension of universal being where kindness and love reign supreme.

Before the Gaia ritual begins, go back to our roots, the earth from which all things arose, and dig a hole large enough to bury an American flag. Fold up the Earth Flag and place it in the hole.

To begin the ritual, hold up the American flag. Have the participants call out words that describe life in the United States of America . Think of this as a grieving process, letting go of the pain and suffering that the false symbol has caused people around the world. The grieving process is necessary to unblock our creative potential and move on with a new era of planethood.

I want to emphasize that these key words are looking from a present moment perspective of the way I see life in the USA . I realize that using such words to describe the USA will be offensive to a lot of people who believe that the US flag represents liberty and justice for all. In my experience, I have not witnessed this perspective. The pursuit of liberty and justice for all can no longer be thought to be obtainable through a nation-state organization. In order to obtainable world peace, it would seem that we need to evolve into a system that provides liberty and justice on a planetary scale. These keywords could be:

US flag symbolizes: nationalism, imperialism, colonization, patriarchy, patriotism, war, worker's exploitation, Wal-Mart, commercialism, global capitalism, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, nuclear waste, domination, Native American genocide, class warfare, TV brainwash, Hollywood glamour, drug and alcoholic addiction, sugar and caffeine addiction, dysfunctional families, divorce, urban sprawl, traffic, totalitarianism, political corruption, plastic politicians, air, water, and soil pollution, private prisons, executions, private property, fast foods, dystopia, Christian fundamentalism, media monopoly, sexual inequality, cancer epidemic, child abuse, illness, anti-art, anti-gay, anti-liberty, anti-woman, divide and conquer mentality, might makes right military, plutocracy, slavocracy, trillionaires, republicrats, Outer Space junk, unemployment, pornography, promiscuity, corporate greed, corporate welfare, us and them duality, homelessness, global warming, obesity, police brutality, materialistic-scientific view.

Next, with the scissors, the ritual guide cuts a hole in the middle of the American flag to release the funnel of negative energy that has concurred during the era of nation-states and places it on the ground over the hole. The ritual guide then bends down over the hole in a child's pose in yoga. S/he puts the Earth flag and the American flag together so that the Earth flag is showing through the hole in the American flag and slowing comes up into the Goddess position in yoga, legs hip width apart, hands to the side, arms raised

in a square position with the flags between her hands. Then she calls out keywords of the Gaia sapien. The audience is invited to add words to the list. Key words could be:

Earth Flag symbolizes: wellness, wholeness, spiritual democracy, holocracy, health care for all, justice for all, human rights, animal rights, women's liberation, sacred marriage of God and Goddess, Gaia hypothesis, natural blessings, child sensitive world, restoring of air, water and soil, reseeding forests, preserving wilderness, ecovillages, ecocities, arcologies, solar power, photosynthesis, renewable energies, windmills, world energy grid, Outer Space colonies of world peace, Outer Space exploration for all humanity, health care for all, food for all, organic gardening, universal education, free communication, egalitarianism, open and free communication, harmonic concordance, Earth changes, evolution, lovolution, neutopia, healing biotopes, Earth's sacred sites and star gates, alignments, universally-attuned archetypes, Global Renaissance, Green paradigm, sharing national resources, Jubilee, natural capital, Earth Bank, World Management Committee, global meritocracy, hagiocracy, housing as a human right, eros, animal liberation, meditation, yoga, nuclear disarmament, abolishment of war, rainbow nation, oneness, unity in diversity, balance between the collective and the individual, participatory universe, Cosmos, Cocreation, cosmogenesis, symbiogenesis, enlightenment, combining genius codes, memetic pattern, morphic field, mass resonance, massgasms, noosphere, Quantum Leap, crop circles, creative potential, social synergy, the new story, the Big Birth, matriotism, unified system, sacred compassion, sacred wisdom, tantra, sacred geometry, crystals, Divine reality, living universe, interdependence, Superorganism, Emptiness.

To end the ritual, journeying into the "imaginal realm," our guide asks us to join with her in a simple visualization. Ask yourself, what would a holistic, Gaian worldview look like as it overcomes the symbols of Empire to create a whole system's design? Using our advanced technologies and our collective wisdom visualize a new world.

Sacred Arcology Visualization

Inspiration for this visualization came from Richard Register's book Ecocities.

Focus on the healing, calming, and holistic energy within each of us as we begin to raise each other up from the dead epoch of nationalism and artificial borders of all kinds. Visualize bioregions taking shape around natural borders such as micro-climates, waterways, deserts, plains, and mountain ranges. Get in touch with the bioregion closest to you. Connect with its particular landscape and its climate: the trees and plants, streams, rivers, lakes, the edges of the sea flowing through your veins. Tune into the indigenous species and local cultures. Hear the sounds of nature as you connect with wilderness.

Fly over the countryside with the eyes of an eagle. As you fly over agricultural areas noticed the land has been divided into squares of corporate farming. There are very few wilderness areas surviving and each of them has become small islands surrounded by urban sprawl. The home ranges of wild creatures are severed by highways and sprawling subdivisions, oil and gas projects, and industrial forestry and mining that have no regard for sustainable economic and agricultural practices. As the human population increases, notice backcountry areas are now threatened for sensitive wildlife by recreational activity.

Hover over the Mexican/American border of Arizona and see the border fence, the security lights, and the noise from aircraft patrol vehicles as a major threat to wildlife movement making it impossible for jaguars, ocelots, mountain lions, Mexican wolves, and pronghorn to return to their home ranges.

Now visualize saving wildlife by linkages along the spine of the continent, corridors of connected natural habitat where large roaming animals are free to migrate. Tunnels underneath highways allow animals to safely cross on their migratory journeys.

After viewing the national border, fly to a metropolitan area in your bioregion and land. It might take you a while since some metropolitan areas are one hundred miles long. But there is no longer business as usual. A social transformation is occurring consciously evolving us to a new social paradigm founded on ecocity principles. You are a witness to the toxic, overpopulated, car congested, fast food, crime infested, oil and drug addicted dinosaur cities of Western Civilization blossoming into ecocities designed to create a pedestrian, three-dimensional network of arcologies for people, not automobiles. The goal of these ecocities is to foster full human potential, protect the environment, and eliminate the causes of class warfare and imperial conquest by bringing us back to our true spiritual, creative, and cosmic order.

Wilderness areas expand as sprawl is rolled back to reasonable limits as existing cities are remodeled for foot traffic, bicycles, and renewable energy transit systems. By shiftingpopulation density to pedestrian/transit centers, people can walk, bike, or have a short transit ride to all the places they need to go to create a meaningful life. Housing and work, commercial areas, places to socialize, ecological industries, warehousing, education, recreational activities, promenades, and even agricultural areas will be in close proximity. Within a metropolis there will be a number of different pedestrian cores of walkable centers connected to each other by public transits, like light rail, and bicycles. For traveling longer distances, there will be the transit. In cases of emergency, cars will be for use or rent. Most manufactured and electronic goods are rented allowing one to easily return items when they break down or for upgrades. We turn from an economy based on ownership to an economy of users who fairly share natural resources.

An ecocity is designed to create opportunities for face-to-face interactions and spontaneous meetings that was impossible to arrange in the car-centered culture. Spots for social gatherings in downtown centers have beautiful pools and fountains, public art, and fruit and nut trees and other permaculture gardens. On top of tall buildings are rooftop arboretums. Bridges built between buildings interlink public and natural spaces. Natural areas, waterways, and nature paths are restored. Some parking lots become community organic gardens when the concrete is removed and the soil renewed. Within green belt areas, open spaces allow for the reintroduction of indigenous species. Terraces and rooftop gardens are designed to help bird species and other local species to come back and thrive.

Suburban neighborhood centers are formed creating car-free zones. Health clinics, computer and science labs, art studios, gyms, and libraries are free in inspiring neighborhood community centers of life-long learning. Intersections of streets become compost and information centers.

Now you can clearly see different types of landscapes emerging from the chaotic urban sprawl. There are landscapes of ecocities and ecovillages designed around walkable centers, and landscapes that support human industry such as mining, forest production, agriculture, fish farming, and manufacturing. But there is a very different value system at work than at the time when Western Civilization dominated the world developmental model with practices that destroyed the surrounding landscapes.

Now a revolutionary philosophy called cradle-to-cradle design is applied to all industry and building projects. Cradle-to-cradle design framework is based on nature's design principles to create materials and industries that are regenerative and create healthy environments. They are not only sustainable but sustaining. Working with nature rather than dominating over nature as in the cradle-to-grave paradigm that has caused vast world-wide pollution, poverty, and waste, it celebrates the interdependence of life.

In the cradle-to-cradle paradigm there is no waste. As in nature as with the human world, waste equals food; like trees, cradle-to-cradle design uses currents of solar income, and like all healthy ecosystems, it honors diversity. This holistic approach to design uses scientific knowledge as a critical element in the design process, a true design/science revolution where chemicals and materials are made for perpetual recyclability. In this paradigm, water that goes through industrial processes is cleaner when it is discharged from industries than before it is used.

With the heroic spirit of saving the biosphere in the air, the spirit of the age is liberated. As dangerous effects of climate change due to a century of burning of fossil fuels are undeniable, people feel and are educated to the urgency of the immediate need to radically change their lifestyle. They see it as their duty to humanity to move into high-density, car-free housing districts of mix-use ecocity zoning principles. Matriotism, a reverence and loyalty toward Planet Earth is taking over from the old patriotic urges that only think about the welfare of one's nation-state. Peace is in the air as nuclear weapons around the world are being dismantled.

Work flex hours allow everyone to work for 20 hours or less per week in maintenance, construction, and service jobs within the context of an ecocity framework. The cradle-to-cradle economy based on solar power requires the creation of jobs that develop solar technologies, construction of mixed-use buildings, remodeling old buildings with ecological materials, building greenhouses, farming rooftop and organic permaculture gardens.

Other time throughout the week is devoted to inner work, bodywork, education, and community and spiritual development in the context of finding one's true role within the arcology model. Every part of life is accounted for in the care-based economy such as housework, childcare, elderly care, artwork and scholarship. A new kind of global currency is evolving based on wealth defined as something that fosters the health of the planet. No one can own the health of the planet; rather everyone benefits from a healthy planetary ecology and needs to share in the responsibility for its maintenance. Individuals don't own natural resources, they share them. Instead of a Gross National Product Indicator of the health of the economy, there is a Quality of Life indicator which indicates the general welfare and happiness of the people.

See all the human and natural resources of the world being accounted for and redistributed from an Earth Bank accounting system, being fed the data it needs to function through the Internet, forming an open-source ecological economy. Finally we are living as one family united to save our precious life-support systems on Earth!

Now, visualize the military budgets of the world shrinking as we begin focusing on the real needs of our times, love in action-lovolution-- solving homelessness, unemployment, starvation, illiteracy, polluted resources, poverty, deforestation, and crime as money that was going for trillion dollar military budgets are now going into constructing ecological cities. As we focus our creative energy on the internalization of constructing arcology-putting our own "house" in order--the external fears that resulted in nuclear arms races, cease to exist. Youth spend time in a Global to Local Service Corp rather than being recruited to fight in nationalistic foreign wars for oil.

Phase one of the great transformation is remodeling old cities by making pedestrian centers and phasing out automobile use. The second phase is building entirely new cities, or arcologies on Earth, and eventually into Outer Space--energized by the power of the sun, perhaps even beamed down in the form of microwaves from solar powered satellites.

As national borders are torn down and walls crumble, feel the energy circulating around the planet using a world energy grid. Visualize conserving the ecology by living in a new communal design with nature that fuses technology with evolutionary architecture. Wild animals are now free to roam again as people live in compact cities and use a much smaller proportion of the Earth.

By thinking in terms of what is good for the total environment and total humanity, the Urban Effect takes effect as we birth arcology into existence, becoming one harmonized organism. Arcology, a whole-city container for a new moral order of the parts within the whole, creates a more efficient complexity than could be conceived within the context of urban sprawl. It miniaturizes our habitat by imploding the metropolis. Arcology is understood as a miniature universe, a multi-level, multi-dimensional, transcultural structure that interiorises Gaia by absorbing planetary consciousness. High-density interaction allows for more synthesis of knowledge, more interacting and interweaving of elements creating more consciousness than ever before. Through our constant connection with each other and nature, our spiritual evolution accelerates. We begin to understand our collective purpose of being the stewards of life on Earth and our sacred human destiny of being the carriers of love into Outer Space.

We recognized arcology in all its diverse forms to fit into specific geophysical conditions, as the actualisation of the aesthetic transfiguration of the earth, "the compassionate melding of matter into the aesthetic." Artistic considerations and aesthetic values take precedence over material concerns. Never again will the importance of beautiful design be forsaken for "practicality" because beauty is a necessary ingredient for survival! This process is called aesthetogenesis : the transfiguration of the universe from an "entropic, indifferent, rational, protohuman cosmos into one that is aesthetic, compassionate, and ultimately ultra human: a universe of pure spirit." Arcologies become places where new forms of consciousness and spirituality emerge. Through arcology, we become Gaia knowing itself and s/he has the potential of reproducing biospheres of technological galactic gardens throughout our loving Cosmos.

Feel this vision being absorbed into every cell into our body as it opens up parts of your brain that have lied dormant for centuries. Allow the vision to rush up your spine like a water fountain of light illuminating your heart charka and gushing out the crown charka of your divine head. See these rays of energy uniting with others who cells have absorbed this visionary blueprint as the blissful energy dances in spirals with the output of the light waves of other's divine brains. As more and more people discover the arcology within, the more it becomes our collective reality.

Embrace the arcology of the Goddess, the Queendom within you yearning for materialization. Focus on your breath and as you breath let the air carry the vision into your cells, seeking deeper and deeper into the blood stream of life, leading you to crystallize peaceful arcologies of the people's ever evolving wisdom in your mind's eye.

Mitochondrial Eve Meditation

Get in touch with yourself by watching your breath. This is a basic meditative practice of many world religions. In Judaism, breath means “the spirit of God that infuses the Creation;” in Christian mysticism, the Holy Spirit is seem as the Source of all life and breath; in Buddhism and Hinduism, prana or breath is thought to be the “vehicle of mind” because it causes our minds to change and shift. Visualize your breath being prayers to the life force within us, every breath a pray, breath moving us through emotional pain and ecstasy.

Note the flow of air being inhaled and exhaled. Connect with the cycle of gases being exchange within you and outside of you. During photosynthesis, plants use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. During animal metabolism, oxygen is used and carbon dioxide is a product. The waste of one organism is the life source of the other.

Take a few seconds to align your breath with this animal-plant cycle. As you breath become more aware of this mutually dependent relationship between animals and plants. Unlike bacteria or prokaryotic cells, animal and plant cells are called eukaryotes because their cells contain a nucleus. When you inhale, thank the plants for producing food and oxygen for animals. When you exhale, give with love your carbon dioxide to plants so that they can grow.

Begin to feel your breath on a cellular level. There are 10 trillion cells and 200 different kinds of cells that make up your body, all needing oxygen every minute of the day to survive. Now go deeper into your lungs into the alveoli, small, sponge-like air sacs that look like grapes on a vine. It is here where oxygen and carbon dioxide is exchanged.

Surrounding each alveolus is a network of tiny blood capillaries. Oxygen from the alveoli diffuses across the alveoli cells into the red blood cells. These oxygen molecules attach to hemoglobin, an iron-containing respiratory pigment inside of red blood cells that are excellent bonding vehicles for oxygen to be transported to the heart. At the same time, carbon dioxide moves out of the blood and into the lungs, where it is exhaled. It takes 30-45 seconds for the blood to be pumped to the heart and return with the used blood to be exchanged for oxygenated blood. Take a moment to thanks our lungs for contrasting and expanding since we were born. Your first breath was a great act of self-love. I invite you now to dedicate the remainder of your breaths to the liberation all living beings.

Now tune into the mitochondria, these ancient organelles that live inside the cell’s cytoplasm. They utilize the oxygen. Oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules easily pass through the cell’s membrane. Mitochondria, rod-like organelles, are thought to be descendants of bacteria. They are called the cell’s powerhouse because they produce chemical energy by combining oxygen with food molecules. This provides the energy for cell movement, division, and other functions.

Once free-living bacteria, mitochondria contain their own DNA and replicate independently through splitting in two, at a different time from the rest the cell that reproduces through mitosis. Mitochondria reproduce by cell division similar to other bacteria. This is because they are the descendants of symbiotic bacteria living inside the eukaryote host. They became so dependent on their host that they could no longer live outside the cell.

When bacteria merged together to create a nucleated cell for survival reasons, they became more complex organisms. After the first bacteria connected with other bacteria, million of years of interaction other organisms evolved including fungi, plants and animal species. We are as old as the mitochondria bacteria that allowed us to use oxygen. This process of mergers that lead to the creation of new species is called symbiogenesis. We are the product of symbiogenesis. Take a moment to reflect on all the time it took for you to have evolved from the first bacteria to a complex organism.

The language of life is chemistry that bacteria use to communicate and diversify with each other on a global scale. Find resonance with the different colonies of organisms that merged to make up your body. Realize that these organisms work in cooperation, not competition, and collectively make our bodies whole.

Mitochondrial DNA are transferred to future generations during sexual reproduction in the fertilized egg cell through the female sex cell not through the sperm cell. During nuclear (chromosomal) DNA, which equally originates from both parents, most, if not all the mitochondria in an organism are derived from its mother. Unless a mutation has occurred, the mitochondrial DNA are identical to its mother, the Mitochondrial Eve. They have been the most successful organisms in evolution since they now live in all living creatures and direct their own metabolism by providing cellular energy for the benefit of the entire cell.

Get in touch with the mitochondria residing inside you. Take a moment to connect with your mother, grandmother, and great grandmother--your ancestresses down to the first bacteria—from whom you inherited the miracle of breath.

God, Holy Spirit, Prana, Breath, Buddha, Krisha, Mitochondria, Goddess: the life force is within us.

Saving Plant and Animal Life on Earth:

Sacred Arcology Workshop

and Healing Ritual

Materials needed: Slide projector or Power point projector (not necessary, but it would help) Watercolor paper, oil and chalk pastels, CD player

Visualize the sacred arcology workshop combines a creative visualization meditation with conducting a healing ritual to save endangered species, including the human species, from the destruction of urban sprawl.

The first part of the workshop we will look at the archetypal underpinnings of urban sprawl to understand why it is one of the major causes of the devastation of both plant and animal species. This is a problem we can see all around us in the city that I presently live, Tucson , Arizona . As more and more housing developments annihilate the beautiful and unique Sonoran Desert , our workshop will attempt to visualize a new model of development, a new archetype in architecture.

After a short presentation on the gravity of the problem we are trying to heal, I will ask the participants to take a quantum leap of faith with me into a future world where human beings are living in a steady state economy that is at peace with the planetary ecology. I will share with them my vision and knowledge of what a sustaining arcology-ecological architecture-might look like and how our life-style patterns would radically change in a positive way by worshipping Gaia, the God/dess within, and living in a womb-like container that reflects our reverence for the life-force.

Next, we will do a 20 minute meditation with the sounds of a drum beat from a recording from the book The Journey to the Sacred Garden by Hank Wesselman. Going through the near death experience of the self-destruction of our life-support systems, we will be led by our animal guides and enlightened beings up a time tunnel and drawn towards the light of a new world designed in a ribbon of sacred arcologies around the planet. This is a place where all beings are happy and free to develop their full potentials. This is a world of ecocities where we live as if “the whole world is one family” and the sacred arcological design allows all beings the right to exist in dignity and love. This move towards conscious evolution allows our DNA to unfold an internal, ever-evolving blueprint of divine architecture that supports our connection with universal order.

Questions to ask yourself during the “end-state imagery” part of the meditation period are: what would your chosen work be within a Sacred Arcology? What are your daily spiritual practices and social obligations? What are your relationships with other people and with children like? What is health care like in the good world? What role does technology play in the Sacred Arcology? What is the economy and agriculture like? How are people educated? What are the feelings one is experiencing in the sacred arcology? What art and/or science do you engage in? How is your innate genius liberated?

Participants are to be aware of any sensations (tingling, tightness, warmth) that are being generated through their visualization process. Also, participants are to note that a quart of people never “see” things with their mind. Their visions come through other senses involving one or more senses such as movements (kinesthesis), sound, taste, vision, touch, and inner sensation. They are to get in touch with their “felt sense” and even beyond the senses to the sixth-sense perceptions or precognition so that we become channels of end state imagery.

Having glimpsed the new world, the second part of the meditation is to be a bodhisattva (an enlightened being who forgoes nirvana in order to save others) by bringing those images and feelings back to Earth in order to awaken others. It is time now in engage in “process imagery,” the step by step changes we need to make in order to reach the end state of happiness and bliss for all beings again.

What changes do we need to make in our personal lives to reach the Queendom of Love on Earth? What do we need to give and give up in order to create the Sacred Arcology? And what will be gained if we take will be lost if we don't?

After the meditation, we will record our experiences and knowledge we received from the visualization using the drawing and writing materials provided. We will take the next half hour sharing our findings in pairs and a few visions with the entire group.

The final hour will be spent beginning with a brainstorming session-thinking together-- on what we would like to do collectively to create a healing ritual to draw down the muse of the Sacred Arcology. We will experiment building a healing ritual using a democratic process to discover the way to achieve a spiritual democracy with the focus on healing Gaia. Our task for the healing ritual is to create a Morphic field (one underlying energy field) needed to influence the future direction of the human species.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?