Sumerian couple



Most of The Gaia Religion was written almost ten years ago. How I wish the material in the book were dated. But, the problem of urban sprawl still haunts us. Living in southern Arizona I witness the destruction of the desert daily as more and more areas of beautiful desert land are turned into private houses and gated communities. The water table continues to diminish as people go about business as usual, oblivious to future water concerns.

People in my life are being tormented with living in an inhumane society. I witness friends in need of shelter, healthcare, meaningful work, psychological counseling, education, and opportunities for growth that are not present in the United States of America. The government is trapped in a cycle of death as weapons of mass destruction are still being made in America and sold to all parts of the globe. We have seen the bombing of Iraq and now reconstruction contracts going to corporations who are supported by the Bush Administration. The cycle of destruction - to rebuild society in the same pattern of development that created the destruction in the first place - is a sick reality that has created a world of the rich getting richer and the poor on that familiar road to genocide.

What this book has been saying is that we have to make a quantum leap in understanding so that we are able to dive to the depths of our problems. This is nothing less than a heroic journey into the human soul. We can no longer fool ourselves into thinking that progress will continue to take us to a good place as we deplete our natural resources. What we need is a whole systems approach to reorganizing the world into a planetary management system that is wise, just, and compassionate, a move from civilization to soulization, a place where our inner peace manifests external world peace. Through the Internet we have the beginning of a global brain that can find a way to bring all the parts of the whole together in a new way that is healthy and beneficial to the creatures of Earth. Even though I have not been able to create a Neutopia Transversity as outlined in my book, I have taken part in an Internet course which I feel is very similar to the ideas I had for the transversity. Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Gateway to Conscious Evolution is certainly a large step in creating a basis whereby the Internet can be transformed into a system of global management the way R. Buckminster Fuller envisioned it.

The Lovolution, a new, co-equal, co-creative relationship between the sexes is vital to our transformation. This in no way excludes homosexuals from the joy of sex or forming meaningful relationships. It is only pointing out that primary to the birth metaphor of planetary reproduction is the meeting of the minds and the union of the opposite sex. The Lovolution is about promoting sacred love and making a system that supports loving relationships of all kinds. An image that comes to my mind when I think of this sacred order of love is the Mithuna sculptures on the temple complex at Khajuraho, India, where tantric sexuality is embodied in the loving couple, where cosmic harmony is created and where they become one in their cosmic awareness. The union creates a nucleus of enlightenment both collectively and individually. Through these unions, cosmic consciousness is grounded, and a soulization built on a new architectural foundation has the power to manifest.

In order for the tantric union to exist, it requires a spirituality in which the three in one deity of the Great Goddess energy is fused together again so that the natural sovereignty of womankind can strive. I don’t see a way out of our social crisis without the Crone part of the deity taking a prophetic position and exerting both autonomy and authority to build movement for the globalization of love.

The union of God and Goddess is necessary for planetary salvation. Worshipping only the Divine Mother doesn’t create a holistic field that can bring union in harmony and equality with the triple deity of God, Father, and Holy Ghost. If we are to create a balanced world, then seeing Gaia, not as a Divine Mother, but as micro love between women and men and all Creation is essential to our metamorphosis. Without this union as divine Source of Creation we run the risk of a future based on asexual reproduction such as cloning.

It’s not anti-Christian to point out the ago-old contradictions within the religious mythos of Christianity and other incest religious. I am only trying to correct tragic problems that have made the Holy Family into a dysfunctional relationship between the Mother and the Son that maintains an unjust status quo of inequality and environmental degradation. My hope in bringing light into this dysfunctional relationship is that it will open a way for us to build a Solar Jerusalem, an arcology of world peace, sustainable technology, and an ethical basis for scientific knowledge to flourish with the most human integrity possible, so that we are able to explore the Universe in love with all Creation.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?