Letter to the Editor of The Nation magazine, in response to their series, “Reimagining Socialism”

What we need more than anything else right now is a civic space, virtual and real that allows for the new socialist global community to get to know, respect, and love each other. We need to find the space in which we can find ways to think and work together in order to build solidarity needed to envision a pattern of civilization that isn't based on exploitation of human labor and nature, and that gives people the freedom to pursue their creative dreams in service to humanity. We need space to air out all the ideas and possibilities that have been suppressed under oppressive regimes so that we can select the best ideas in which to build a new planetary civilization.

One such idea is the idea of creating socialistic ecocities, or arcologies. Arcology, an architectural theory fusing ecology with architecture proposed by architect Paolo Soleri, could be a container for a new model of ecological socialism. Soviet style socialism failed, in part, because it wasted its resources on competing with the West in a nuclear arms race rather than giving incentives to its revolutionary artists and architects who wanted to build “socialist palaces” for the people.

It's time to use arcology blueprints and promote other collectivists architects who are working on designing the ecological city so that we have a structure in which to re-imagine socialism. It is our task as global citizens to devise a fair and liberating social architecture needed to manifest the new world of equality, excellence, and human rights for all. If the Nation's forum on Reimagining Socialism can be open and expand the discussion by creating blogs that allow the public to participate, perhaps we can construct our “collective salvation” and advance humanity to the next phase of existence.


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